Product Release: Introducing the new Cagebuster™ IBC from Snyder Industries

Uncage Environmental Sustainability and eliminate wasteful, limited life caged IBCs with CageBuster™

The revolutionary CageBuster™ IBC provides a more sustainable alternative to the traditional caged IBC by delivering an IBC solution that eliminates the need for wasteful replacement bottles and refurbished cages with a superior structural IBC design. CageBuster’s™ 100% recyclable polyethylene construction is built to last much longer than a Caged IBC, and can consistently pass the 30 month certification test without needing a replacement bottle or cage, unlike Caged IBCs.

Reason being, CageBuster’s™ tank wall thickness is almost 3 times thicker than a caged IBC, and it’s all plastic construction is easier to clean and won’t corrode, which offers shippers, container service companies, and end users a more viable reusable container that does not require the wasteful bottle disposal and cage refurbishment associated with the caged IBC.

Best of all, the CageBuster™ adds all this value for not much more expense, and is designed with an identical footprint and stacking profile to the caged IBC, so making the switch to CageBuster™ is seamless to your operation and customers.

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