Snyder’s Revolutionary “CageBuster®” IBC Tote Success Drives Demand for a New Larger Size

Snyder Industries recently introduced a revolutionary new intermediate bulk container (IBC), called “CageBuster,” which is positioned as a more cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional caged IBC tote.

The unprecedented demand for the revolutionary CageBuster IBC Tote value proposition has now resulted in Snyder introducing a new larger 330 gallon size to compliment the popularity of the original 275 gallon product offering, which was introduced just a year ago.

“We had always planned on developing a 330 gallon size, but the overwhelming response to CageBuster from the market place required us to expedite the product development of a new larger size,” said Mike Melymuk, the Director of IBC Sales and Marketing.

The CageBuster has a unique, all plastic design that is over 3 times thicker than a caged IBC tote, which provides a superior structural integrity, resulting in over 50% cost savings over the useful life of the IBC tote, while addressing the environmental concerns related to the ongoing container disposal and replacement programs associated with caged IBC totes.

Besides being a world leader in the design and manufacturing of returnable intermediate bulk containers, also known as tote tanks, Snyder Industries also maintains major market positions within many other proprietary product categories, including large single and double wall storage tanks, material handling bins, insulated boxes, refuse containers, and specialty pallets.

Snyder Industries is part of Tank Holding, which also includes the brands of Norwesco, Bonar Plastics, Bushman, Chemtainer, Meese and Stratis owned by Olympus Partners and the management team, currently operates over 30 manufacturing plant locations and employs approximately 850 people throughout North America.

Olympus Partners is a private equity firm focused on providing equity capital for middle market management buyouts and for growing companies. Olympus manages in excess of $8.5 billion mainly on behalf of corporate pension funds, endowment funds and state-sponsored retirement programs. Founded in 1988, Olympus is an active, long-term investor across a broad range of industries including business services, food services, consumer products, healthcare services, financial services, industrial services and manufacturing.

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